Curriculum Overview

How can high school prepare students to thrive in their next big challenges: post-secondary education and the workplace? How can students learn critical academic knowledge and how to apply this knowledge in complex, real-world situations?

Ford PAS is an academically rigorous, standards-based curriculum that challenges students to integrate academic learning with realistic applications in areas such as design and product development, information systems, environmental sustainability, global economics, business planning, marketing, and personal finance.

Through case study analysis and role plays, simulations and scientific experiments, research, negotiation, and collaboration, students gain both knowledge and interdisciplinary skills for learning, analyzing, and decision-making in complex situations, and in the process, learn to apply classroom learning to choices in the real world. Innovative partnerships connect local high schools with colleges and universities, businesses, and workforce development and community organizations to provide real-world learning opportunities.

Examples of the kinds of questions that students tackle in the Ford PAS curriculum:

  • How do people achieve prized goals—from buying a keyboard to getting a college degree—and how can I make financial decisions to reach my own goals?
  • What recommendations shall we make about nuclear power to help our country provide energy for its citizens along with energy independence and sustainability?
  • How can our company use its time, materials, and people to thrive—economically, socially, and environmentally?