Full or Partial Curriculum


Full Implementation: High school students may begin the Ford PAS program in ninth or tenth grade. Full implementation takes a minimum of two and a half years, and the program may also be extended through a senior project or internship.

Partial Implementation: A site may choose to implement only part of the Ford PAS curriculum to best fit its own context and needs. For example, as mentioned above, some teachers find that they can only teach two modules per semester, which typically precludes offering all of the modules in elective courses. Because the curriculum is designed to be flexible, programs may implement one or more modules integrated into academic courses, or thematic sequences of modules offered as electives.


For example:

  • Several Ford PAS modules may be bundled by content or theme to immerse a group of students in a particular content area. Thematic sequences of modules offer students an introduction to business and entrepreneurship, business and manufacturing, economics, and science, engineering, and technology.