Law and Justice

Law and Justice (L&J) is a two-year curriculum specifically for high school career academies in the legal, government, and protective services pathways. Shaped with substantial input from high school educators, postsecondary faculty, and law enforcement professionals, the L&J curriculum meets national academic standards as well as career technical education standards. This curriculum is currently under development and will be complete the summer of 2011.

Foundations in Law (Grade 9 or 10) is a yearlong course that helps students develop in-depth knowledge of how and why governments and laws are formed, as well as an understanding of the relationships between law, law enforcement, and advocacy. 

In Foundations in Criminal Justice (Grade 10 or 11), students explore the definition of crime and investigate historical developments and current practices in criminal justice. They also explore how law enforcement, court administration, corrections, and courts interact with one another.

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