Rockford Superintendent's View: Students are Best to Tell Success Stories

19 Dec 2016

The best ambassadors for a school district are its students.


I saw that principle in action when Gov. Bruce Rauner visited Guilford High School Feb. 29. A group of Guilford students led the governor and local legislators on a tour of their school. The students talked about facilities improvements. They talked about how high school academies prepare them for college and careers. Their story was real, and it was compelling.

It was exciting for the governor to hear what some of us have realized for a while now: that our high schools are starting to show significant improvement. It's even more gratifying when students send that message - when they can articulate what they are learning and the context in which they are learning it.

But this wasn't a one-off for the governor. Our academy coaches for the last few months have been training students to lead tours of their high schools. On the morning of Feb. 18, we were honored to have about 20 Realtors and human resources professionals as our guests at Auburn and Guilford high schools. The students led business people on the same kind of tour Gov. Rauner had. A survey of the attendees after the tour gave the students very high marks. The vast majority of respondents rated both tours with a highest rating of 5, strongly agreeing with statements such as, "Tour guide was engaging and interactive."


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