Ford PAS is dedicated to preparing all students to succeed as citizens, workers, and leaders in the 21st century global economy. To achieve this success, high school students must engage in learning that develops and uses both academic knowledge and the skills essential for success in college and career, and teachers must employ strategies that encourage the active, self-monitored learning that will yield these results. The hallmark of the Ford PAS approach is to integrate what and how students learn with what and how their teachers teach—because the two are inextricably linked. The “pillars” of Ford PAS are the key skills that students learn (together with essential academic knowledge) and the key teaching strategies that teachers employ throughout the curriculum.

The following pages describe the research-based principles embodied in the Ford PAS Learning and Teaching Pillars. Teachers learn to integrate the pillars into their practice through use of the more than 20 modules of the Ford PAS curriculum and on-going participation in Ford PAS professional development opportunities.


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