Standards and Skills

The Ford PAS curriculum was designed with the understanding that alignment of curriculum, instruction, and assessment is crucial to success in improving teaching and learning. It encourages teachers to focus on higher-order skills, to integrate skills with academic content, to communicate goals and standards, and to design avenues to help students achieve them.

Alignment to National Academic Standards and Skills

All Ford PAS module learning goals are aligned to national academic standards. Each module Teacher Guide identifies the academic content and skills that are taught and assessed, the national academic standards that are met, as well as the knowledge and skills that students apply. Information about the alignment between Ford PAS and the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) can be found here.

Alignment to State Standards

In addition to the national academic standards alignment, Ford PAS has been aligned to particular states’ academic standards, and in some states, career and technical standards as well. Ford PAS partners in Florida, Ohio, Tennessee, California, Texas, and New Mexico have aligned the curriculum to their state standards.

If you are interested in learning more or aligning Ford PAS with your state standards, please contact the Ford PAS Technical Assistance Group at Guidelines identifying the essential academic content in each module and a template for "cross-walking" Ford PAS to state standards are available to assist in aligning Ford PAS to individual state standards.

Alignment to Career Clusters Knowledge and Skills

The Ford PAS curriculum is now correlated by Ford PAS module to the 16 States’ Career Clusters Knowledge and Skills.
View each Ford PAS career cluster correlation here.


Alignment to the Achieve American Diploma Project (ADP) Benchmarks

Achieve’s American Diploma Project (ADP) seeks to ensure that students graduate from high school prepared to succeed in higher education and the workplace. Achieve’s ADP has developed benchmarks of the knowledge and skills needed to guarantee student success beyond high school. States may use these benchmarks to update their state standards and assessments for high schools. Ford PAS closely aligns with the goals and strategies for change promoted by ADP.