Technology Recommendations

The world we live in is becoming increasingly reliant on technology, yet schools have varying degrees of access to advanced technologies. Ford PAS is designed to give schools some flexibility in the level and extent of technology required. However, because competency in using technology is so important for students’ futures, the curriculum assumes that a certain set of technology tools, listed below, are available. Especially critical is regular, reliable access to the Internet for teachers and students. If your school has technology resources beyond the designated level, the curriculum identifies some opportunities to use more advanced tools.


Technology Tools Checklist


Recommended Equipment

  • Computers with Internet access for teacher and students
  • At least one computer for every two or three students. PCs preferred; some software is Windows-based only, and directions are written accordingly. Click here to see a compatibility list.
  • Monitor and VCR or DVD player
  • LCD projector to project web resources and students' PowerPoint presentations in the classroom


Recommended Software

  • Adobe Flash Player for Planning for Business Success' Rags to Riches Simulation: Download Here
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Access or FileMaker Pro used in Careers, Companies, and Communities (4), Planning for Business Success
  • Enterprise Dynamics (PC/Windows only) used in Planning for Efficiency (6): Avalilable from the Ford PAS Online Store
  • HOMER (PC/Windows only) used in Energy for the Future (12): Download Here
  • Website-building software used in People at Work (3) (for example, Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft FrontPage, or Microsoft Word, or free Website hosts).
  • MINITAB statistical software used in Ensuring Quality (8) (activities can be adapted for Microsoft Excel).
  • ESRI ArcView GIS software (PC/Windows only) used in From Data to Design (9). A one-year license for the software and the accompanying required text Mapping Our World is available for purchase from the Ford PAS Online Store. You can obtain an ongoing license for your school by completing and submitting a community mapping project to ESRI.
  • Computer-aided design (CAD) software can be used in Reverse Engineering (10) and Different by Design (11). Try Google SketchUp. CAD software is available to Ford PAS teachers through PTC (PC/Windows only).


Additional Notes

Ensuring Quality (8): MINITAB

No Mac version is available, but you can run Release 14 or 13 on a Power Macintosh if you have installed Windows emulator software. See the MINITAB Website for more information.

Energy for the Future (12): HOMER
No Mac version is available, but you can run HOMER on a Macintosh computer within a Windows emulator.