Transforming Teaching and Learning

More About the Three Strands of Ford PAS Next Generation Learning

The following sections provide additional information about the key components of the Ford PAS initiatives.

Ford PAS is dedicated to preparing all students to succeed as citizens and workers in the 21st century global economy. To achieve this success, high school students must engage in learning that develops and uses both academic knowledge and the skills essential for success in college and careers, and teachers must employ strategies that encourage the active, self-monitored learning that will yield these results. The research-based Ford PAS Learning and Teaching Pillars embody the Ford PAS approach to transforming teaching and learning: hands-on, collaborative, and project- and inquiry-based. Students acquire knowledge and skills as they work in teams to investigate significant issues, carry out long-term projects, and create products that demonstrate their learning. This approach answers the questions that the traditional academic program fails to answer for most students who drop out of high school—and for many who graduate: Why am I learning this? What does it have to do with my life and the lives of people in my community? How does it prepare me for the future?