Type of Setting

Ford PAS may be offered as formal coursework and/or as an informal learning experience in summer, after-school, or weekend sessions. As the curriculum was being developed, modules were piloted in a variety of informal and formal settings.

The following are some examples of different combinations of implementation options, listed by the type of host institution(s).


Comprehensive High Schools

  • Bath High School in Lima, Ohio, offers the entire Ford PAS curriculum to students, who, upon completion of the course sequence, are then eligible to receive credits at a local college and university. [High school host site; full implementation + college credit; formal setting]
  • Romulus High School in Detroit, Michigan, an alternative school that serves students who have not succeeded in other schools, offers a group of students the option to experience the entire Ford PAS curriculum throughout their school day. These students take four or five Ford PAS courses at the same time. Romulus has seen improvements in Ford PAS students’ attendance, grades, and self-esteem. [High school host site; full implementation; formal setting]
  • The Advanced Technology Academy (ATA), a charter school in Dearborn, Michigan, provides the full Ford PAS program to all of its students. In addition, Lake Superior State University, ATA’s charter public school authorizer, offers college credit to students who successfully complete Ford PAS courses. A case study about ATA’s Ford PAS program, conducted in spring 2006, documents the positive impact of the program on students. [Charter school host site; full implementation + college credit; formal setting]
  • West Bloomfield High School, a large high school in suburban Detroit, offers a sequence of Ford PAS engineering modules. As a special project, integrated with the curriculum, Ford PAS students prepare to enter national competitions in robotics and computer technology. [High school host site; partial implementation; formal setting]
  • The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) supports local high schools in using the Ford PAS Foundations sequence with incoming freshman. UTSA has also helped the San Antonio Independent School District get the Ford PAS Economics sequence approved for the state’s economics requirement. [High school host sites; partial implementation; formal settings]