Type of Setting


Career and Technical Education High School Programs

  • The Ohio Department of Education, Office of Career Technical and Adult Education, has a statewide model for implementing Ford PAS in high schools that offer manufacturing technology and other career technical education programs. An Ohio Ford PAS Resource Center at Sinclair Community College offers teachers intensive professional development institutes and provides ongoing support for program implementation. [School host sites; partial implementation; formal setting]
  • In Nashville, Tennessee, the Center for Information Technology Education at Nashville State Community College, Nashville Career Advancement Center, Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools, the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, Alignment Nashville, and the Nashville Technology Council began collaborating in 2005 to offer an after-school program in four high schools. This program, XXI Tech Skills and Careers, focuses on workplace communication and careers, using Media and Messages (Module 2) and Careers, Companies, and Communities (Module 4). Starting in 2006, Nashville began training more than 200 teachers to implement the two modules, along with From Concept to Consumer (Module 1), as a transition course for ninth-graders in small learning communities district-wide. Business teachers in Nashville also integrate Ford PAS modules into their courses, and broader use of the curriculum is expected in coming years. [School host sites; partial implementation; informal and formal settings]
  • At the Met School, a charter school in Providence, Rhode Island, high school students interested in business and marketing earn community college credit for taking Ford PAS courses that combine several modules organized around themes of entrepreneurship and product design. [Charter school host site; partial implementation + college credit; formal setting]