Type of Setting


Community Colleges and Four-Year Colleges and Universities

  • At the University of New Mexico, freshman engineering students have the opportunity to take an introductory engineering course using the Ford PAS modules Reverse Engineering (Module 10) and Different by Design (Module 11). [University host site; partial implementation + college credit; formal setting]


Community Organizations

  • In Detroit, the Children’s Aid Society offers selected Ford PAS modules to students who are at risk of dropping out of school. The program is taught by social workers who work closely with students’ families. [Community organization host site; partial implementation; informal setting]


Multiple Sites

  • Historically Black Colleges and Universities in Alabama, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, and Texas have piloted Ford PAS programs for high school and college students. These programs range from summer offerings to high school students on a college campus to collaboration between a college business program and one or more local high schools to offer the program as part of the school curriculum. Several of these pilot programs include such features as college student mentors, college credit, and scholarship opportunities. [University and school host sites; full and partial implementation; formal and informal settings]