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  • Ford NGL Industry Council Learning Lab

            Ford NGL Industry Council Learning Lab Overview On September 9-11, 2015 our Ford NGL Community colleagues in the Coachella Valley, CA are bringing together the best and the brightest from their region's Industry Council network to host an exclusive...

  • Free Curriculum

    This September all of the Ford PAS Modules (print versions) will be available for FREE! All you have to do is reserve your set/s!  Limited quantaties available. Whole sets only. Reserve your set here!

  • Career-Themed Academies Fill Local Jobs

    Margo Pierce May 2015 "Welding is life." That assertion could be a bumper sticker or a poster in Jerry Burke's classroom at Jeffersontown High School in Louisville, KY. As the welding technology instructor and a certified welding inspector, he oversees all the training and...


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