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Ford Community Connected Learning (CCL)

Ford CCL is a way of working that supports deep, authentic, and sustained learning through partnership among employers and community partners, teachers, and students.

Ford NGL National Conference Overview

The 2017 Ford NGL National Conference - The Next Level, truly took it to the next level.  The students led the way and helped make this one of our most memorable conferences yet.  In fact, one of our amazing students put this video together!

Ford NGL Superintendent's Council

Ford NGL is nationally recognized for its unique approach to learning that better prepares high school students for career success in the 21st century. Through the Ford NGL process, districts and their communities become partners and align their resources to improve student outcomes and support the country’s workforce and economic development needs.

Strand Two - Transforming Teaching and Learning - An Interview with Starr Herrman

We interviewed Starr Herrman to help give us an in-depth look at Strand Two: Transforming Teaching and Learning.  The interview was so good, we turned it into an animation.  Starr's knowledge and her unique ability to explain things perfectly make this video a must watch for anyone that would like to learn more about Ford NGL's Strand Two.

What is Ford NGL to Students?

Want to know how Ford NGL is going to benefit students?  Want to be a part of something bigger?  This video will let you in on all the benefits of being a Ford NGL student.

Ford NGL National Conference - The Next Level - EdTalk - Alexander Lowe

Alexander from Newton County, Georgia engages his audience by using a unique analogy to remind us about individuality. Mashed, french fried, scalloped, hash brown-ed. Potatoes have so much potential. While the academy system isn't as tasty, it does allow students to find and develop who they are and what they want to pursue. Get cookin’ here.

Ford NGL National Conference - The Next Level - EdTalk - Shakara Nelson

With relatives living all the way in Jamaica, Shakarah transformed her academy network into her family. Through her Alternative Energy production class she developed meaningful relationships with her peers that are sure to last a lifetime. Join Shakarah as she introduces us to the world class, and famous Alternative Energy program at Whites Creek High School. Unlock the power of the network here.

Ford NGL National Conference - The Next Level - EdTalk - Dr. Andrew Melin

Learn how high school students are preparing for the workforce through the Work Ethic Certification in Greater Clark County Schools.

Ford NGL National Conference - The Next Level - EdTalk - Austin Perkins

Austin Perkins isn't like most high school graduates. In fact, he was ready to take on the world right after senior year and he did. Off to Germany he went to participate in a government exchange program with two vocational internships. Join Austin on his worldly adventure as he discusses his experiences in Germany and what role the academy had in preparing him.

Ford NGL National Conference - The Next Level - EdTalk - Kevin Martin

For Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) alum Kevin Martin the academy experience is best summarized into what he describes as the Four E’s: Enhance, Empower, Excellence, and Education. Kevin speaks to the MNPS mantra "the academies are our future, our way" and his hope to spread the model to all students. Get inspired here.

Ford NGL National Conference - The Next Level - EdTalk - Anna Perkins

Anna Perkins is a real expert on managing change and in her Ed Talk she takes us to school on the matter. Having moved 12 times in the last 8 years, she has has become Ms. Adaptable. As she puts it, life is like a game of Jenga. When the pieces are moved or missing, your day-to-day structure must be adapted, and when it all comes tumbling down, you can handle the fall in one of two ways.

What is Ford NGL

Ford NGL is dedicated to preparing all students to succeed as citizens and workers in the 21st century global economy. To achieve this success, high school students must engage in learning that develops and uses both academic knowledge and the skills essential for success in college and careers, and teachers must employ strategies that encourage the active, self-monitored learning that will yield these results.

Ford NGL Business and Education Partnerships

Join Marc Hill as he shares insights on what makes for a successful business & education partnership.